TDC Kids

TDC Kids

At Total Dental Care of Middle Island, your children are our priority. “The smiles of today are the smiles of the future!”

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends “Get it Done in Year One”, this means by the time your child is one year old, they should have had their first dental check- up.  Early visits to the dentist lead to good oral habits as well as good diet. Children who visit the dentist regularly from an early age have less cavities and less phobia of visiting the dentist. Good oral hygiene and proper home care start at an early age, as do good food habits. Detecting cavities early as well as providing fluoride treatments or fluoride vitamins to those who do not have fluorinated water, is key to a future of positive dental care.

Our child friendly, highly skilled Dental Hygienists and Doctors will make your child feel comfortable and ensure that their visit is a pleasant one.  Many children are prone to dental cavities due to medical conditions and/or dietary habits. These visits are not only about helping children learn good habits but also to aid parents in understanding good habits and how to implement them at home.

Understanding proper brushing techniques, even for a young child is very important.  When to use fluoride toothpaste and when to use training toothpaste. Flossing should be an important part of your child’s daily routine. Brushing alone doesn’t reach 57% of plaque that causes tooth decay. Fluoride mouthwash should be an important part of your child’s routine, but at what age do you start? What snacks are really healthy snacks, and which ones have us fooled? Are my child’s teeth erupting in the correct order? Do they need braces, and how early do we start treatment? These, are all things our Dental Hygienist will review with you at your appointment. A big part of early intervention is education and good habits. At Total Dental Care we are dedicating to keeping your child’s mouth cavity free.



All of our “star patients” are entered into our “Cavity Free Club” and receive an award for outstanding oral hygiene. Every 6 months we hold a raffle and the winner receives a prize! It is our goal to help incentivize your children to do their very best!


We understand that not all insurance companies provide coverage for dental sealants, which are a very important part of keeping your children’s teeth cavity free. At TDC we offer a sealant program which allows us to provide sealants to your child at a discounted rate.  Per the CDC (Center for Disease Control), dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities for up to 2 years and 50% for up to 4 years.


We want your child to keep coming back with a smile. After every visit, your child will visit our “Smile Makers” prize box and can chose a prize for a job well done, after all “positive” reinforcement is key!

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