Dental Implant Supported Bridges

Dental Implant Supported Bridges

If you are missing several teeth a dental implant bridge might be the best solution.

Dental implants act as the root of the tooth. An abutment is set over the implant and it will hold a crown or a bridge on top. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, this could be the solution for you.

Could A Dental Implant Bridge The Treatment You Need?

If you are missing several teeth, we can place implants to support an implant bridge. The implants will create a foundation in your mouth for the replacement teeth or implant bridge
2 Dental implants can hold a 3-unit bridge
An implant-supported bridge is a fused set of crowns that are placed over dental implants, permanently.

Advantages To This Type Of Bridge

An implant bridge provides an aesthetic, comfortable and functional solution. It will help you bite and chew normally again. When fitting a traditional bridge, the adjacent natural teeth are drilled down. The implant bridge is placed over implants, so adjacent teeth aren’t affected. Because dental implants integrate with your bone, this helps keep the bone intact and healthy.

Conventional dentures apply chronic pressure to the underlying bone. This contributes to bone deterioration. Sometimes the clasps on these dentures are often visible. Because of the pressure on your natural teeth, they will loosen over time.

Conventional Bridge Vs Implant-Supported Bridge

The implant bridge feels like natural teeth and should be cleaned like them. The Implant Bridge is comfortable. They feel more secure than a removable partial denture which only rests over the gums. You will be able to speak clearly and chew food with confidence.

An implant bridge is a cost-effective solution that can last a lifetime.

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With 3-D CT Scan. A $350 value

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