Dental Implant Supported Bridges

Dental Implant Supported Bridges

A dental implant bridge is a phenomenal solution for anyone that needs to replace multiple teeth and is looking for a permanent, long lasting restoration. While a regular dental bridge is supported by natural teeth, a dental implant bridge uses sturdy, permanent implants.

Also called an implant-supported bridge, the purpose of this treatment is to replace multiple teeth all at once rather than using many single implants. In addition, because implant-supported bridges will replace some of your tooth roots, your bone is better preserved. With a fixed bridge or removable partial denture, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth root may begin to resorb (deteriorate). Dental implants integrate with your bone structure, helping to keep it healthy and intact.

Gums and bone can recede around a fixed bridge or removable partial denture, leaving a visible defect. Resorbed bone beneath bridges or removable partial dentures can lead to a collapsed and unattractive smile. The cement holding bridges in place can wash out, allowing bacteria to decay teeth that anchor the bridge. In addition, removable partial dentures can move around in the mouth and reduce your ability to eat certain foods.




An implant bridge is a cost-effective solution that can last a lifetime.

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